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An Exploration of Spiritualism

Enhancing our experience of life through discussions. Topics may range from intention, comparisons of the description of love, to relationships with friends, families, and each other.

The Spiritualist First Church of Prayer building will be closed until the restaurants have been opened. Meanwhile, we will be moving to the land of streaming through the Zoom live streaming platform. Regular services will commence at 10 am each Sunday morning. To join the meeting, use code 616-429-4779. We suggest you visit Zoom's video tutorials to get familiar with the platform

Before joining, please be sure all background noise is minimized. Turn off televisions, stereos, and anything else that produces noise. 

Service uses affirmations and recitations. If you would like to follow along, please download the file. Please mute your microphone before beginning. 

Please donate here for First Spiritualist Church of Prayer. Thank you for planting seeds with us.

Clairvoyance Classes

Clairvoyance Development streaming begins Tuesday, 31 March at 7 pm at Zoom. To join the meeting, use code 616-429-4779. Bring your own clear glass of water. We'll begin with an opportunity for participants to share, followed by a fifteen minute meditation, and then you will gaze at your glass of water. Sounds silly, but it works. Be prepared to share the experience.

Classes on site have been suspended. Watch for information regarding live streaming classes.

Join Phillip as he guides us in developing our awareness through clairvoyance. He uses meditation as a path. Various tools exist to develop this ability. We will explore the use of show stones, everyday objects, mirrors, and scrying. Class begins 21 January at the Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship Berrien County. Bring your note books.

Please donate here for the Clairvoyance Class.

We thank you for planting seeds with us.

Dream Interpretation Class

Dream Interpretation class coming soon.

Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship

Meetings have been suspended during this crisis.

Tuesday evenings beginning at 7 pm. Healing, followed by Meditation. A brief update and then focus groups or presentation. Join us. 

We grow through donations. Be sure to plant some seeds.

4340 Lincoln Ave. Stevensville, MI

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Latest material available for download: A Note About Chakras. Latest video: A Word About Mediumship.


Spiritualism is a system of thought and knowledge, which can be reconciled, if not compliment any religious belief or philosophy.[1] The continuity of life is natural, as is the survival the individual’s personality, or soul. This is demonstrated through communications. One does not have to believe in a personal God, though Spiritualists recognize an intelligent all-pervading force.[2] Personal reformation in thoughts and deeds are believed to lay the foundation for the life to come. [3] While mainstream religions often become trapped in doctrine, no such confinement exists within Spiritualism. This does not rule out the confines that may exist within individual Spiritualist churches and organizations.


[1] Doyle, Arthur Conan (1975). The History of Spiritualism

[2] Fowler, Angelina (2016). Arthur Conan Doyle's Spiritualist British Commonwealth: "The Great Unifying Force."

[3] Morita, S. J. (1995). Modern Spiritualism and reform in America.

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Some of our friends are offering streaming classes and church services

United Spiritual Council of Nations with Rev. Mahala Bacon. They are offering streaming classes and church service. Rev. Bacon has been doing this for a number of years and has expanded this in response to the current crisis.
Spiritualist church service and classes.

First Spiritualist Church of Prayer. Rev. Phillip (you Brdnsky Guide) will be hosting classes and co-hosting church services with Rev. Thomas Janssen. Service includes meditation, healing, messages from those who have transitioned, and our regular lesson. Ours is an interactive service.

Our Friends:

Visit their pages for information and potential classes.

United Spiritual Council of Nations with Rev. Mahala Bacon. They offer Spiritualist church service and classes.

The Independent Spiritualist Association. A national Spiritualist organization for mediums and fellow Spiritualists to share.

Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship.They meet weekly on Tuesday evenings at 4340 Lincoln Ave., Stevensville, MI.

Postponed: Sound and Vibrational Healing

Featuring The 22 inch wide Hymalayn Vibrational Bowl and Carol Snooks with Rev. Mahala Bacon.

Everyone can be a part of experiencing the vibration and frequency of this magnificent bowl

Used for alignment at molecular levels, relaxation and healing. Hosted by Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship.

Undetermined beginning at 7 pm at 4340 Lincoln Ave. Stevensville, MI

For more information about Carol and Rev. Mahala

4340 Lincoln Ave. Stevensville, MI
The average reduction for pain in the shoulder study was 15% for those receiving sham treatment, 11% for those receiving PT, 10% for those receiving Reiki treatment and over 23% for those receiving Reconnective Therapy.

Potential spirit activity, or evidence of an energy being? 

Spiritualism's activities can be found at the dawn of Human history. Discover how divination came about and uncover the oldest belief, the continuity of life. Discover for yourself.