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Everyday Clairvoyance: An In-person Event, Sept. 9, 2022

Facilitated by Rev. Phillip Falcone.

We invite you to discover how you use clairvoyance every day, and how you can build from there.

The only instances of clairvoyance we are familiar with are those that have drawn the attention of the general populace. You may know these people of interest as Nostradamus, Emanuel Swedenborg, John Edwards, and James Van Praagh, to name a few. There are few records of the everyday occurrences because they are everyday occurrences and therefore have little value.

The more mundane aspect of clairvoyance rests with our self-concept, which is nothing more than our idealized self, which is typically based on what others have said about us. This is what we often project.

Presented by the First Spiritual Church of Prayer, 3511 Vine St. South Bend, IN. This event is in-person only. This class is offered on Friday, 9 September 2022 at 6 pm.

Suggested donation is $20

Spiritualism is the Science, Philosophy, and Religion of Continuous Life

Our service includes distant healing, which has been demonstrated by repeated scientific experiments to be beneficial; guided meditation, which has been demonstrated repeatedly by science, a public séance, which has been explored by science since the first public séance with the Fox sisters in Hydesville, New York, just outside of Rochester, and a message.

Assist us in providing needed items for the homeless. We purchase personal items such as underwear, deodorant, etc. We are affiliated with the Independent Spiritualist Association, a 501c3 nonprofit and are required to use donations as listed.

The Divine Recognized Itself

The Universal Nature is the nature of all. The Sufi teacher, Ibn Arabi considered the idea of God being in woman. Within woman rests the nature of all. In this aspect woman becomes the receptacle of nature, she becomes Nature.

 Nature is sometimes referred to as a reflection of God. This was introduced in Gnostic teachings, either about the same time as Islam began or just before.

We offer dream interpretations, readings and messages from souls, distant healing through Zoom,and Spiritual Coaching to assist you in enhancing your experience of Life. Contact us.

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Take an opportunity to learn of the History of Spiritualism. Explore the Spiritual Principles attributed to Emma Hardinge-Britten. Many believe these to be the original principles of Spiritualism.
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Learn how to interpret your dreams and how to grow spiritually.

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It takes a community to maintain our well-being. Find out why.

Some of our friends are offering streaming classes and church services

First Spiritual Church of Prayer

Your Guide teaches at the First Spiritual Church of Prayer. Presently, the building is closed until further notice. Meanwhile, we have moved to the land of streaming through the Zoom live streaming platform. Regular service commences at 10 am each Sunday morning. To join the meeting, use code 616-429-4779 and then 317137. We suggest you visit Zoom's video tutorials to get familiar with the platform. To aid you in understanding the controls go here.

Before joining, please be sure all background noise is minimized. Turn off televisions, stereos, and anything else that produces noise. 

Service uses affirmations and recitations. If you would like to follow along, please download the file. Please mute your microphone before beginning. 

Find a spiritual group streaming online that promotes a lifestyle that resonates with you.

United Spiritual Council of Nations with Rev. Mahala Bacon. They are offering streaming classes and church service. Rev. Bacon has been doing this for a number of years.

In the Chicago, Ill area, the Evangelical Spiritual Church hosts a streaming church service and classes throughout the week, and Independent Spiritualist Association certification classes for healing, spirit communication, and ministerial. 

In the South Bend, IN area, the First Spiritual Church of Prayer. hosts a healing, meditation, spirit communication, and lesson service Sunday morning at 10 am (MI). Rev. Phillip (your Brdnsky Guide) speaks on the second and fourth Sundays of each month. Rev. Thomas Janssen speaks on the first, and third Their is an interactive service.

Our Friends:

Visit their pages for information and potential classes.

United Spiritual Council of Nations with Rev. Mahala Bacon. They offer Spiritualist church service and classes.

The Independent Spiritualist Association. A national Spiritualist organization for mediums and fellow Spiritualists to share.

Potential spirit activity, or evidence of an energy being? 

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Spiritualism: Its Echoes, Its Foundation

Spiritualism's activities can be found at the dawn of Human history. Discover how divination came about and uncover the oldest belief, the continuity of life. Discover for yourself.

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