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Brdnsky Arts & Crafts, LLC is the title beneath which all else offered resides. We provide Original Art for Original People.  Somewhere, someone wrote that life is big canvas, and we should throw as much paint onto as we can.  I saw this at one of the Senior Centers I teach at.  Whoever said that has the right idea.  You will find life and imagination expressed through oil and acrylic paints as well as pastel.


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     Spiritualism comes from the word spirit, which means breath. Breath is life. Therefore, we can surmise that a Spiritualist is a student of life, or more precisely a student of Nature. Nature is the expression of Creation, which brings us back to life.


     The Circle is considered the first manifestation of the Divine. This simple symbol contains many meanings. In one instance, the circle or disk represents active energy. In this instance, there is Light. Light emanates from something.


     Within the circle rests a point. Within the circle is a sphere representing a point of origin. What emanates from the point is the expression of the Divine. The Divine fills the space between the point and the edge of the circle.


     From this representation of a Circle of Light, we may find ourselves at the Cabala’s Yod. Yod is the origin of all things and is considered the Unity Principle. This may also suggest nothing exists outside the Law. The Law emanates from the point. This brings us back to the fundamental purpose of Spiritualism.


     Spiritualism expresses the ancient concept of the continuity of life. Spiritualism expresses the age-old practice of conversing with those in Life's Other Rooms. The belief came through the observations of Nature. Nature demonstrates a time of rest or slumber followed by a time of activity. We sleep only to awaken to a period of activity because it is natural.

     Sleep occurs on many levels. We close our eyes and sleep. Our awareness sleep through the activities of the emanations of the Divine. We are spiritually asleep. Spiritualist Circle of Light seeks to awaken us. To awaken is to be to the emanations of the Divine.


Spiritualism is a system of thought and knowledge, which can be reconciled, if not compliment any religious belief or philosophy.[1] The continuity of life is natural, as is the survival the individual’s personality, or soul. This is demonstrated through communications. One does not have to believe in a personal God, though Spiritualists recognize an intelligent all-pervading force.[2] Personal reformation in thoughts and deeds are believed to lay the foundation for the life to come. [3] While mainstream religions often become trapped in doctrine, no such confinement exists within Spiritualism. This does not rule out the confines that may exist within individual Spiritualist churches and organizations.


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[3] (Morita, 1995)

Brdnsky Guide

Phillip sees value in the life experience. Life shouldn't be a bother it should be interesting. Life shouldn't be about suffering, yet everybody chooses to suffer. What is your life experience about? If you're not satisfied with the way life is treating you, perhaps its time to take control. You deserve a better life. If you're not sure how to start, perhaps the two of you should talk. You deserve a better life experience because life is all about you.

Phillip is your Brdnsky Guide. He sees what you may not see. Where you see confusion, your Brdnsky Guide sees a common theme. Where you see problems, your Brdnsky Guide sees a trend that can be changed. 

As your guide, he illuminates patterns, offers suggestions, and helps you learn something different.  A guide does not tell anyone what they need, nor do they provide ready made solutions to unique challenges. Your Brdnsky Guide is your Spiritual coach. He encourages you to be better, to be the person you desire to be, not what people think you should be.


Brdnsky Guide has many spiritual tools to share with you. He can guide through intuitive/ evidentiary spiritual readings. He can help you learn to be mindful. He can help you learn about yourself and more. All of what can be found here is meant to assist you in personal, emotional, and spiritual growth. Your BRDNSKY Guide here for you. If you prefer speaking to him, feel free to contact him. Be sure to put Guide in the subject line.

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Experiences for You

Events for you to experience teachings, wisdom, and awakening....

Your Brdnsky guide speaks at the First Spiritualist Church of Prayer (3511 Vine St. South Bend, IN) on the second and fourth Sunday of each month (except during ISA meetings). Mediumship messages provided during the message portion of the service. For more information.

Dream Interpretation Workshop October 19, 2019 at the Golden Light Spiritualist Church (2110 N. Milford Rd., Highland, MI) at 10 am. A love donation is asked, so if you enjoy the class, please give generously, A portion of the proceeds goes to Golden Light Spiritualist Church.

2110 N. Milford Rd. Highland MI
Join us November 24 at the Spiritualist First Church of Prayer as Ruth Slater speaks about and demonstrates Reconnective Therapy. Regular services begin at 10 am until 11:30. We will break for lunch and return at 1:30 pm for Ruth Slater's presentation. Join us at 3511 Vine St. South Bend, Indiana for November's Spiritualist Demonstration.
3511 Vine St. South Bend, IN
The average reduction for pain in the shoulder study was 15% for those receiving sham treatment, 11% for those receiving PT, 10% for those receiving Reiki treatment and over 23% for those receiving Reconnective Therapy.

Potential spirit activity, or evidence of an energy being? 

Spiritualism's activities can be found at the dawn of Human history. Discover how divination came about and uncover the oldest belief, the continuity of life. Discover for yourself.

Athletes have Coaches.  Why not Everyone Else?


The real difference between seeing a psychologist, a minister, a psychic, and a life coach is "...the coach is someone whose job is to be on your side of the fence.  They're there for trying to help you achieve your maximum potential and help you figure out how to get there along the way."


NPR's Talk of the Nation with Neal Conan - Sept. 27, 2011


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Inspired by  Marshall Goldsmight's Mojo: How to Get It, How to Keep It, how to Get It Back If You Lose It.


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