BRDNSKY (Bird In Sky)

Our mission is to help those who  have lost faith in themselves rediscover the joy of living

Like a Bird In the Sky, we see many needs and we offer many services.

Your BRDNSKY Guide

A brief introduction.  Check it out!  Then take me for a test drive.  If it appears a little funky, try pausing it, then play.
BRDNSKY is about the life experience.  People experience life differently, which is extraordinary.  However, some see their way as being filled with disappointment, difficulties, and not worth the effort of participating.  Thus, we seek to encourage them to explore in a fashion that is unique to them.  Inspiration can be found in their artistic expression, or through the expression of others.  Metaphysics, Mysticism, and such philosophies deemed supernatural are about enhancing the manner in which we experience life.  Sometimes we forget how to experience our own life because we are living for someone other than ourselves.  When this happens, we search for guidance outside of ourselves, and are often redirected within. 

Brdnsky Guide

A Brdnsky Guide shines a light on what you may not see.  Where you see confusion, your Brdnsky Guide sees ideas with a common theme.  Where you see problems, your Brdnsky Guide sees challenges that you can overcome.  A guide shows another the way, offers suggestions, and helps others learn something different.  A guide does not tell you what someone needs, nor does a guide provide ready made solutions to unique challenges.  A coach is someone who trains others to be better.  Your Brdnsky Guide helps you become the person you want to be, and not what everyone thinks you should be.


BRDNSKY Guide is just for adults.  I also help young people develop into adults by helping them approach challenges that in a way which takes advantage of their unique abilities.


Find tips and inspiration from Your BRDNSKY Guide on the Blogs for You page.  Your Guide offers articles and suggestions.  Looking for something more specific?

Xolton's Gnostic Thread

This is where science, religion, and philosophy are reunited. We talk about the flow of conscious, intention, chakras, and more. Life is more  than just a spiritual journey it should be a metaphysical adventure. This is where adventure begins. Deepen your understanding of the Divine and how she relates to you.


During my explorations, I sometimes come across sayings and inspiration form authors.  They are Sign Posts on the path of Becoming listed on Blogs for You

                           BRNSKY Arts & Crafts

Original Art for Original People.  Somewhere, someone wrote that life is big canvas, and we should throw as much paint onto as we can.  I saw this at one of the Senior Centers I teach at.  Whoever said that has the right idea.  You will find life and imagination expressed through oil and acrylic paints as well as pastel.


Become inspired.

You are number......


BRDNSKY Guide...

Athletes have Coaches.  Why not Everyone Else?


The real difference between seeing a psychologist, a minister, a psychic, and a life coach is "...the coach is someone whose job is to be on your side of the fence.  They're there for trying to help you achieve your maximum potential and help you figure out how to get there along the way."


NPR's Talk of the Nation with Neal Conan - Sept. 27, 2011


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Did You Know?

Truly successful people engage in actions that provide satisfaction to their lives.

Inspired by  Marshall Goldsmight's Mojo: How to Get It, How to Keep It, how to Get It Back If You Lose It.